Avid World Traveler Patrick James Smith

A native of the tri-state area, Patrick James Smith has cultivated a lifelong love for travel during trips for work and leisure alike. In planning for his travels, he has become well-versed in the art of travel hacking and utilizing credit card rewards points to book free vacations around the globe. Patrick James Smith shares his travel-related tips, tricks, and hacks through his blog. Also a self-professed food critic, he frequently writes about his culinary adventures in the destinations he visits.

In between hacking free vacations, Patrick James Smith often travels for work. As an executive consultant, he has worked for a number of prominent companies around the US and advises clients on matters of business development, marketing, and strategy. During his work trips, he always looks for opportunities to see the local sights when not meeting with clients.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Smith worked as a management consultant, helping organizations streamline operations and improve efficiency. He holds a bachelor of science in business administration and an MBA in marketing.

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