5 of the Most Enticing Benefits of Parking Your Vehicle in a Garage

5 of the Most Enticing Benefits of Parking Your Vehicle in a Garage

While it is not always possible depending on your particular situation, you should try to keep your vehicle parked in a garage as often as possible. Keeping the car on the street and exposed to the elements is sometimes the only option, but if you have access to a garage or can afford one, it is a great idea to protect your vehicle.

Protecting your vehicle in this way can keep it look new much longer and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do. Ultimately, this means your car will last longer and have greater resale value if you decide to sell it. This longer life derives from several factors involved with keeping your car in a garage.

These factors include:

1. Protection from the elements

Perhaps the biggest reason to keep your vehicle in a garage is protection from the elements. Rain, wind, extreme heat, snow, and salt can all damage the exterior of a vehicle, especially when it is constantly exposed. The elements are particularly rough on rubber components, which break down in harsh weather and periods of temperature fluctuations.

This effect can be especially harsh on parts like windshield wipers. Even with quality pieces like Trico blades, you may need to replace them much more often if you keep your vehicle outside. The coatings on vehicles also take a beating when exposed to harsh weather conditions, which means your pain will start to look chalky and faded. Your vehicle will also be protected from hail, which can cause sizeable dents.

2. Enhanced overall security

Parking your vehicle in a garage also helps keep it safe from theft, vandalism, and other risks. If a car is parked on the street or in a driveway, it is much more exposed. When the vehicle is locked in a garage, anyone who intends harm needs to go through an entirely separate layer of protection to get to it. For the most part, a locked garage is a great theft deterrent as most people will target cars that are much easier to access.

The other part of security is just keeping the vehicle safe from dings, scratches, and other issues that can arise from parking on the street. While your vehicle is not completely safe if you park in a public garage, it is still much safer than it would be if left on the street. Some insurance companies may actually reduce your rate if you tell them you park in a garage because of the security benefits.

3. Less exposure to nature

Beyond the elements, exposure to nature in general can be very harmful to a vehicle. For example, if you park underneath a treat that drops nuts, you could end up with dings all over your car. Plus, falling leaves and other debris can clog filters and cause other issues.

One of the major benefits of parking your vehicle in a garage is keeping it away from birds. When birds eliminate on your car, it can cause permanent damage to the paint. This is because bird elimination contains acids that can cut through sealants and damage get to the paint. If this happens, there is no easy way to fix the blemish, which could be quite large. While removing the excrement quickly will help keep the vehicle looking good, preventing it altogether is the best strategy.

4. Greater temperature control

One of the big benefits of parking your vehicle in a garage is the temperature control that it provides. While temperature changes can be harsh on many components of your vehicle, they also affect the fluids. In particular, oil can become more viscous when it is cold, which can be harmful to the engine when you first start it until the oil has time to warm up and properly lubricate.

This does not have to happen if you keep the vehicle in a garage since the oil will be more stable. Ultimately, this means a longer engine life. Also, your coolant will stay at a more constant temperature and both your air conditioning and heat should work more effectively since they are not battling the opposite temperature extreme.

5. Improved visibility

Another thing to think about when it comes to garage parking is visibility. After a snowstorm or an icy night, you may need to spend significant time in the morning getting your windshield clear enough to drive. If you park in a garage, you will not have to worry about your ice scraper or even just blasting the heat to help melt ice since your vehicle will already be completely clear.

You can simply get in your car and go, as long as the roadways are also adequately clear. This can also help improve the lifespan of your windshield wipers since they will not be used to help clear snow and ice that has already been caked onto the car. Using the wipers in this manner can significantly damage the rubber components.

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